Registration for Fall Session open from August 6 - 24, 2018. Need help! Call 773 895 3918
Registration for Fall Session open from August 6 - 24, Sessions Dates: Sep 12 - Dec 14, 2017
Wed, Sept 12 - Fri, December 14 , 2018
3:25 PM TO 4:25 PM

Bienvenidos al Club de Actividades Extracurriculares de Red Oak!

Red Oak After School Club!

Join us for after school classes at Red Oak, supporting the Red Oak PTO.
We contract with top tier vendors to offer great classes with exceptional convenience AND can offer bussing.
Únase a nosotros y registre a su hijos(as) en las actividades extracurriculares de nuestra escuela. Contratamos proveedores de primer nivel. Todos los fondos recaudados apoyaran a la PTO de Red Oak para financiar los eventos del año escolar!
Tenemos clases maravillosas para desarollar los intereses de su estudiante en los deportes, artes, technologia y mucho mas!

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Classes run ONLY if minimum registration is met, and also have MAX enrollment.
Bussing is Available with 2 or More Riders, so sign up together!

Los cupos de las clases son limitados, se le dara preferencia a los que se registren primero. Las clases se llevaran acabo solo si hay suficientes estudiantes registrados. La registracion cerrara cuando el cupo maximo de la clase se alcanse. Transportacion esta incluida!
NOTA: Su hijo(a) puede participar en el programa ASAP y tambien tomar clases extracurriculares.


A great opportunity for boys and girls to try some new sports coupled with classics as well. Sports of All Sorts is an enormously fun way for your child to get exposed to multiple sports along a seasonal theme. Offered by our own terrific Park District of Highland Park, the class is fast moving and fun, emphasizing exercise and good sportsmanship. This class sells out!


We are excited to bring back PHH with David Adelman. This class teaches basketball skills and fundamentals while also stressing sportsmanship, teamwork and the benefits of a positive attitude. Focus is on ball handling, passing, shooting, lay-ups, and defense as well as rules of the game and strategy. This is a great class for all levels of ability and has been a Red Oak favorite for many ASC sessions! Teams are stratified by skill so your child gets the best experience, coaching and learning possible!


Comic Book Heroes and On Air with Newsmaker- TWO Great Programs in One! Transform yourself into an environmental superhero and help solve one of the earth's biggest problems. Working in teams, you'll use innovative comic book software, digital art and your own photos to illustrate your solution. Be creative; be inspired; be a hero! Do you want to be a News Broadcaster? Create news videos and share them on your own private Channel! Working in teams, you will construct your own points of view, interviews, and use storytelling to communicate ideas through a webcam and the amazing NewsMaker software. You will learn to use professional features like a teleprompter, subtitling, voiceover videos and images. You can make your videos unique by adding cool costumes, moods and accessories. Calling all budding presenters and TV producers, get ready to shine in the limelight!


Sticky Fingers Cooking says its THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what KIDS EAT! SFC is a fabulously fun, amazingly awesome, truly tasty after school class. Each class features a yummy healthy globally inspired recipe, and emphasizes safety, skill building and environmental awareness. SFC offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes and nourish their bodies and minds. Visit their website at Price includes materials.
Bon Appetit!


Young Rembrandts drawing classes are for all budding young artists, whatever their ability level is. A bountiful selection of drawings introduces students to a fascinating world of color , pattern and design. Keeping with the season, students create fall-themed illustrations like taffy apples and a farmers scarecrow. Stylized art styles will be explored through the tarantua line art and Van Gogh-inspired drawing featuring vibrant sunflowers. Sign up today and get your child grinning at their inner Rembrandt Matisse or Van Gogh!

IMPROV (GRADES K-5, $ 199)

by Laughing Academy
Jibberish day? Snowball? Believe it or not these teach Self confidence, public speaking skills, listening skills, observational skills, communication and teamwork. The skills learned in improv benefits your child for the rest of their life - BUT best of all, they'll have a great time learning them! Not only for kids who want to be actors; this training is proven to: develop critical listening skills and enhance verbal communication skills, produce greater empathy for others and teach children negotiation and teamwork while working in a high energy environment playing games as an ensemble. Its on the wall of Second City..Tina Fey preaches it: Improv shows there are no mistakes, just opportunities! With enough signup, we’ll split the class into “little actors” (gr K-2) and “The Actors Studio” (gr 3-5). This class is a HUGE success this Fall, and is taught by the owner herself, a Second City alum.


Do a crazy creative and super fun different arts and craft project each week with JCYS alum Tiffany Shaf. Projects include paper mache, clay, painting, sand art and more! Kids brought home amazing examples of creativity and motor skills from this colorful after school time! As an experienced teacher Ms. Tiff knows how to excite, inspire and educate using art. Price includes materials so this is a super fun one for your craftsy kid!


Engineering and Wedo robotics TWO Great Programs in One! Young engineers will build working models of simple machines such as a crane, rolling vehicle and a merry-go-round. They will learn about levers, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles using LEGO® Simple Machines kits. Students will work in teams on activities designed around creativity, exploring, investigating and problem solving in a fun group environment. Note: No computers are used in this program. Your child's imagination will soar when they meet Milo, the rover, and discover simple machines, engineering and programming. Will they win the firetruck race or build the strongest crane? Students will be challenged and have fun when they are encouraged to experiment and create while using the MIT designed, LEGO WeDo 2.0 system.

SOCCER WITH COACH RUBIO (*class full) (GRADES K-5, $ 89)

Class is full
We welcome Coach Rubio, Director of Valladolid USA and Physical Education Teacher at Northwood Junior High.
Who can say WORLD CUP! Coach Rubio will run a FUN and HIGH ENERGY soccer class, to get your child experimenting with the most POPULAR SPORT ON THE PLANET or to complement your child's existing league.

TinkRacademy- HACK-O-LANTERN AND 3D PRINTING (GRADES 1-4, $ 259)

In this STEM class, students will build a high-tech electronic and interactive Hack-o-Lantern for Halloween. They will add circuitry and sensors to their lantern, and then program the components to activate with lights, sounds, and movable effects when someone approaches. TinkRers will take home all their festive accessories just in time for Halloween, and will make this holiday one to remember!
Second part of TinkRacademy will introduce students skills of design and digital making to take a design from idea to product before their very eyes! The class will focus on prototyping technologies, including 3D printing. Students will learn to freehand sketch and edit design dimensions before converting these sketches to software for fabrication. TinkRers will learn and perfect their TinkerCAD skills to create 3D printable models.
At TinkRworks (, we immerse children in projects with defined objectives—just like the real world! Using combinations of 21st century skills (e.g., coding, 3D-printing, electronics) and traditional skills (e.g. woodworking, painting) they achieve beautiful results.

DRONES 2K18- BUILD & FLY (GRADES 3-5, $ 349)

Drones class by TinkRworks is returning this Fall by popular demand.
Students will have a blast (literally!) as they build mini-drones in this special class focused on aerial vehicles. They’ll learn all about the science behind flight and will personalize their aeronautical creations and cheer as they fly their drones from up to 100 feet away. First few weeks of the class, TinkRers will build fully-functional mini-drones(quadcopter) from scratch. They will then make their drone fully functional by wiring, coding and programming it. Finally students will get lessons in flying and controlling drones with test drones, before they graduate to flying their own aerial creation.Along the way, they will develop STEAM skills and apply their reasoning and problem-solving skills to solve for many challenges.
At the end of the course, TinkRers will take home their fully- functioning drones, which will include the drone itself, the transmitter (controller), the battery to power the drone, and the battery charger.
At TinkRworks (, we immerse children in projects with defined objectives—just like the real world! Using combinations of 21st century skills (e.g., coding, 3D-printing, electronics) and traditional skills (e.g. woodworking, painting) they achieve beautiful results.

Rocket Drama Club with Mr. Loftus of Red Oak (GRADES 3-5, $ 79)

Members hone their technique and performance skills through various theatre games, improvisational, vocal and movement exercises. This class focuses on building confidence and community, rather than preparing for a performance. Come be dramatic at Red Oak!

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