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Bussing is Available with 2 or More Riders, so sign up together!... Classes run ONLY if minimum registration is met, and also have MAX enrollment.


Sticky Fingers Cooking says its THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what KIDS EAT! SFC is a fabulously fun, amazingly awesome, truly tasty after school class. Each class features a yummy healthy globally inspired recipe, and emphasizes safety, skill building and environmental awareness. SFC offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes and nourish their bodies and minds. Visit their website at Price includes materials.
Bon Appetit!


TinkRworks is back with another exciting experience. In this class, TinkRers will bring their imagination to life as they learn about circuitry and coding by adding lights & sounds to artistic creations—paintings, woodwork, and much more. They will install and code Arduino electronic board and sensors that connect and interact with interactive LED lights and sounds.
Along the way, they will develop STEAM skills and apply their reasoning and problem-solving skills to solve for many challenges. And the best part? They get to take home their artsy creation.


We are excited to bring back hugely popular PHH with David Adelman. This class teaches basketball skills and fundamentals while also stressing sportsmanship, teamwork and the benefits of a positive attitude. Focus is on ball handling, passing, shooting, lay-ups, and defense as well as rules of the game and strategy. This is a great class for all levels of ability and has been a Red Oak favorite for many ASC sessions! Teams are stratified by skill so your child gets the best experience, coaching and learning possible!

Pop Art with Young Rembrandts! (GRADES 1-5, $ 109)

Young Rembrandts artists will draw ALL NEW lessons this winter. Colorful pop art dog, incredible art history lesson and a powerful unicorn are just a few of the drawing’s they’ll learn and LOVE. Good color selection, proper technique will be emphasized in all of our lessons. They’ll build on their skills but also have a ton of fun while drawing and personalizing cool things like a soccer player, pineapple, and a robot lesson. Enroll your child today! NEW LESSONS EVERY SESSION!! Questions? Kathy Lopez 847-695-3581


By Tiffany Schaff
Do a different art and craft project each week with JCYS alum Tiffany Shaf. Projects include paper mache, clay, painting, sand art and more! As an experienced teacher Ms. Tiff knows how to excite, inspire and educate using art. Price includes materials so this is a super fun one for your craftsy kid!

IMPROV in the actors studio (GRADES K-5, $ 139)

by Laughing Academy
Jibberish day? Snowball? Believe it or not these teach Self confidence, public speaking skills, listening skills, observational skills, communication and teamwork. The skills learned in improv benefits your child for the rest of their life - BUT best of all, they'll have a great time learning them! Not only for kids who want to be actors; this training is proven to: develop critical listening skills and enhance verbal communication skills, produce greater empathy for others and teach children negotiation and teamwork while working in a high energy environment playing games as an ensemble. Its on the wall of Second City..Tina Fey preaches it: Improv shows there are no mistakes, just opportunities! With enough signup, we’ll split the class into “little actors” (gr K-2) and “The Actors Studio” (gr 3-5). This class is a HUGE success this Fall, and is taught by the owner herself, a Second City alum.

Coding with Microbit (GRADES 2-5, $ 159)

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life.The microbit is a powerful mini-computer! Students will see their code come to life in a physical and tactile environment. They will create emoticon displays, games, messages, light and music.Kids will take home a Microbit kit at the end of class!

NEWSPAPER! With MS. Nicole Serpico (GRADES 1-5, $ 109)

Our OWN teacher Nicole Serpico will user her fabulous reading and writing teaching skills to compose our own Red Oak newspaper, including interviews and articles by your student. One to two newspapers will be created and distributed.

FUTSAL (GRADES 1-5, $ 119)

Your child doing AYSO? Even if they aren’t, Futsal by HP Elite Soccer is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA as a skill builder.   The game places emphasis on technical skill and ability in high pressure situation. Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth including Pele, Zico, Cristiano Ronaldo.

TasteBuds Kitchen Cooking (GRADES 1-5, $ 176)

Calling all chefs! Can you turn cauliflower into pizza crust? Or a peach into a popsicle? Join us as we explore the plants you like to eat and learn new ways to spice them up. Our own Highland Park Taste Budz Kitchen will whip up some fruit and vegetable treats with your child including carrot noodle nests, peach pie pops and baked green bean fries!

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