Registration for FALL Session is open now. Need help! Call 773 895 3918


- I am having trouble enrolling my child?

We are here to help. Pls email us here. Or call at 773 895 3918. Mention the error you are getting along with your phone number. We will call you back as soon as possible and help resolve the issue.

- I have forgotten the username and/or password?

Your username is the email id you used last time you registered your child. If you can remember the email you used , we can help you.Pls email us here. Or call at 773 895 3918.
If you remember the user id but have forgotten the password, that can be retrieved by clicking on “Did you forget your password?” on the log in page. Your password will be emailed to you.

- Safari keeps showing error messages while I am trying to enroll.

This could be due to the settings of the browser. Please go to Safari- Preferences. Click on the Security Tab there, and make sure that the checkbox for "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

- Do I really have to print the emergency form and waivers?

Yes. We strive to create the safest environment possible for your child. The district requires hard copy signatures of the emergency form and waiver to allow the school to take reasonable action in the event of an emergency as it relates to your child. Please help us create a safe and fun environment for everyone and remember to print one form for each child.

- Can I pay by Check?

We are using the secure web payment paltform, PayPal, to make the the after school program manageable for the PTA. The efficiency of using PayPal far exceeds the cost, so we do not offer a discount for other payment methods. Please note that by using PayPal, we are not handling or storing your credit or debit card information in any way. All of your the information related to your credit card is 100% handled by PayPal. One of the most secure platforms on the internet.

If you have a specific concern using PayPal and would like an exception, please contact Abbey Perkins at to discuss your situation independently.

- What if I withdraw after the permitted 2 classes?

At the time of enrollment, we will place a hold on your debit or credit card to authorize payment for the amount of the class. Your card will be charged once minimum enrollment for the class is met. If you withdraw from a class, we will only charge the pro-rated amount for two classes. If you drop after 1 class you will not be charged at all for the class.

- Will my username and information be stored?

YES! At the request of several parents and for your convenience, we added a new feature that stores your encrypted information. All you need to do is log into the secure registration platform with your username and password, and all of your child's information will automatically pre-populate.

Various measures have been taken to protect the data stored like a Secure server, SQL injection protected, URL injection protected and Data authentication.

- If I get stuck, who can I call?

If the problem relates to the Red Oak Portal Powered by Yuz, then please contact Yuz team at 773 895 3918 or at At Red Oak, the after school program is run by volunteers. We do our best to create a safe, fun environment for kids to come together and develop together. We will do our best to support what you are stuck with. Please send any questions to Abbey Perkins at If for some reason you do not get a response within 2 business days or it is an emergency, please call Abbey directly at 773-383-2625.

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